Learn About Our Ministries

Food For Hungry Children

HUG partners with Feed the Hunger volunteers each year to pack and distribute thousands of packets of food, which contain grains, proteins, and vitamins. These are delivered to Christian children’s homes, churches, and schools throughout Haiti. A donation of $1 a day feeds 15 children for a month.


Building Projects

Since the 2010 earthquake that destroyed thousands of homes and took thousands of lives, HUG has sent teams from the U.S. to work alongside Haitians to build or renovate structures: homes, churches, kitchens, schools, and even chicken coops. In 2016, teams were immediately deployed to help restore homes damaged by Hurricane Matthew. Current projects include a school building, family dwellings, and a church. Financial donations are necessary to purchase building supplies and to employ Haitian laborers.


Gospel Sharing and Biblical Training

Haitian Pastor Maxeau Antoine, with the assistance of HUG, trains and equips pastors and lay people for service in the Lord’s work and provides materials and Bibles to members of various churches. In a country that has an intertwined religion of Catholicism and Voodoo, Protestantism has been on the rise in the last 10-20 years. Educating people about the Gospel and the saving grace of Jesus Christ is the life’s work of Pastor Maxeau and Christian pastors across the country.